Monday, May 7, 2012

Winter Gifts....Spun all but scarf...Tom's Sweater is made from Tom our Babydoll Sheep!!!

We never think we have the time to get our projects done especially when we have to spin the yarn ourselves.  But there is no better feeling when we complete our "big" projects for those we love <3

And we give Thanks!!

Wanted to share some of our is who we are all about!!

Two little sweaters...

My nephew Mark and Tracy adopted a newborn and I couldn't resist knitting this little bolero.  As I love lace knitting in any form, I knit this little sweater for Sofie for her birthday.  It has plenty of room for growing and as Sofie gets taller the sweater will be a shortie!!  Notice the shine with just a dab of Angeline spun into the yarn!

Ireland Fantasy--Oh it really happened!!!

In November I set off with my friend, Georgia for a unexpected trip to Ireland.  Memories of this trip are etched in my heart.  Put this trip on your bucket list--it does not disappoint!!  Pictures are of  Blarney Castle and the Guinness overlooking Dublin!

Christmas Gift--A trip to Ireland!!

Thanks Ray!!  What an amazing country with genuinely hospitable people.  So enjoyed connecting with my roots and a culture where sheep outnumber humans by 2-1.  Ireland is truly an Emerald Island.  Pictures are of Finton at Rathburn Farm, Cliffs of Moher, shopping in Adare and my bargin handknit Aran sweater!!