Thursday, June 21, 2012

Give yourself a hug healing wrap!

Ashley from NeauveauFiberArts (check out her site) captured this moment and is inspired to design one of her own.  I am so flattered and honored to share! 
Love versatility!  Make something you love and assign it many uses.  Happy and tired at Camp Pluckyfluff!

Joannie's Memorial Throw!

Taking this soft throw to Vermont.  It takes a while for the heat to get going.  I will keep warm in the meantime!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camp Pluckyfluff--You are amazing Lexi!!

B & B for dinner

Dynamic Duo!  Lexi with Ashley of Neauveau Fiber Arts.  Thanks for creative liberation!!

Camp Pluckyfluff - Madison CT

Check out Lexi Boeger's Hand Spun published this Spring!!  Look what you can do at Lexi's Pluckyfluff Camp!!  I have hardly been able to sleep with wanting to share my experience with you!!!   And we are hoping there will be two Pluckyfluff Camps in CT next year!

Find the Orange!!

Day one Pluckyfluff, CT!  Began with color you like the least (orange),then picked five colors blind.  After carding a batt with fiber that was kindly donated for us to have an array of color, we spun and plied our first strikingly beautiful art yarn!

Navaho and Rose Petals!

It is all about creative color and technique!!

Navaho Ply!

Sunday Morning at Pluckyfluff we learned three plying techniques and they are all in here!!  Plying a core yarn, making quick coils and then making this Navaho Ply!!!

Think Clouds

Scooter loves to help!  A fine model for mohairy which I spun at Pluckyfluff.  Small puffs of mohair plied over a mohair core yarn.  Think of clouds!

Scooter with Pluckyfluff Mohairy

Monday, June 18, 2012

Joannie I will always remember your love for alpacas!

Showing off my Joannie Shawl at Pluckyfluff!   Thanks Ashly from Neauveau Arts for taking this treasured picture!

Intense clean-up in progress.....

This is the dirtiest alpaca blanket I have ever seen but I want to make a beautiful memorial to a wonderful alpaca breeder...

Emma Looks Gorgeous in her Shawl!

Wrapped in Grandma's love!!  Happy 15th Birthday Emma!!

Emma's Shawl/Throw

Surprise for Emma's Birthday.  Hand dyed yarn shawl with several rows of my new art yarn!