Friday, July 13, 2012

Tour De Fleece Fiber Candy!!!

Tour De Fleece has brightened my kitchen with all kinds of Fiber Candy!  It really is too good to eat but is perfect for enjoying as an eye feast!  Tour De Fleece has given me the chance to practice skills I learned at Camp Pluckyfluff and look at the following posts to see my pleasant results!! 

Batt Sharing Madness!!!

Batt sharing madness.  Pull together a group of friends share a batt, spin some yarn and walla.  You have a creation that speaks of all of the fun!  This single is going to be made into a special rememberance of our first "Batt Sharing Day".  Notice all of the add-ons:  lace, sequins locks, even has some hidden dyed rooster feathers!!  Thanks Pam for an awesome day!!

Simply done!

Love white alpace from my flock.  Add some mohair locks and you have a delicious yarn!  This is art from the heart!!

Three Way Yarn!

Loved the colorways on this handspun/hand dyed yarn.  Want to knit something with the three textures into one beautiful piece!  In the middle picture note the large coils added when being plied.  See how the color changes when plied with purple silk!!

Batts to Spin and Share!!

Great time with friends at Dream Come True Farm for our Batt Exchange.  Ashly randomly picked my blue batt.  Can't wait to see the yarn!!  I spun the peachy batt filled with silk, sheep locks, romney and alpaca. Then plied the peachy with a varigated mohair commercial yarn.  Can't wait to knit up this soft and colorful creation!  Colors remind me of the sweetness of summer....

Swirl Alpaca!

Two yummy spun alpaca yarns!  Top view was core spun and then plied.  Bottom view was lightly core spun to show the beauty of the alpaca fiber!  Wish you could feel the lightness and softness of these beautiful alpaca yarns!

Alpaca Yarn-Dyed & Plied

Spun, dyed, plyed two alpaca singles.  Tried Navaho ply but the yarn needed only to be plied to be soft and colorful!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eye Feast--Art Yarn Drying

Practising new techniques.  Love the old rack holding new ideas!  Happy Summer!!

Tour De Fleece-July 4th!

We inspire each other!  Thanks Carole for the Strawberry Salsa Recipe!  And on the way to the picnic tacked on Teaswater Sheep Locks to my earrings!  Thanks Ashley Bartholomew from "ashleyannshands"!!  Everyone was talking about the locks and the salsa!!

Tour De Fleece-Alpaca Hairy!!

Corespun lime alpaca then overlayed with white alpaca fleece!

Tour De Fleece-July 4th!

Coiled wool from our Babydoll Sheep with a yellow cotton thread.  Then wrapped finished yarn around an old lamp.   Hmmm what can I do for a shade?

Sofie & Emma now both are Red Stars!!

After the "One Night Only" Baton Show, two tired but happy grandchildren.  Notice Sofie's hat, she just finished it (!) but was hiding her scrunchie under the hat until Emma opened her scrunchie gift!!

Tour De Fleece--Scrunchies Spun w/Art Yarn

Emma's scrunchie spun from art yarn pictured.  Sofie's scrunchie spun with green alpaca and plied with angora from my friend's bunnies.  Also, needle felted stars for Red Star Twirlers big show!!

Blue Ramboulet Wrapped in Rosy Purple!

Plied rosy purple over blue wool this a.m for Tour De Fleece!  Maybe another hat?

Tour De Fleece--Alpaca Hat!

One size fits all!  Spun alpaca with cotton wrap.  Knit with size 19 needles in one hour!

Organic Shawl! Think it's silk/cotton....